Not Your Dad’s Suit

Go outside the box with an Elie Tahari mens suit.

man in Elie Tahari suit
Rock Star Look

Effortless, chic, self-confident define the man wearing an Elie Tahari tailored suit.

While other designers offer conventional suits to match the office crowd, the Elie Tahari male wears a suit that looks great for ANY occasion.

Breaking the confines of suits used for business, weddings or other formal events, the man donning an Elie Tahari appears at ease in South Beach, Soho, the Carlyle, Kennebunkport, Vina del Mar or Tokyo.

Wear the suit with white shoes, no tie and informal accents for a fun night out.

Dress shoes, shirt and tie creates a power business look that the VIP’s would respect at an important business meeting, where respect could make or break a career.

Crafted with the finest fabrics and workmanship, Elie Tahari spares no expense or compromise in any way to deliver complete customer satisfaction for his clientele.

The suit has a modern cut with trousers sized 7″ less than the jacket size for a form-fitting look that hugs the body, yet has a comfortable feel.

While other suits may cost less, Elie Tahari believes look, quality, attention-to-detail matter to give the man the edge in today’s competitive world where there is no chance to give a second first-impression.

The newest outfits are not available online, but only in-store at Macy’s, with the Aventura store offering a complete selection of the season’s latest offerings.

5 Mistakes When Shopping For A Suit

A short list of common errors to avoid in buying a suit for the inexperienced user.

Since suits are normally used for important occasions, treat your buying experience with respect by avoiding these commons gaffes in selecting the proper suit.

Young man in suit
Proper-fitting suit

1. Wearing a t-shirt, sneakers, jeans or shorts for a fitting
Unless you plan to wear an undershirt and sneakers with the suit, arrive at the store attired in long-sleeve shirt and dress shoes. If you are going to invest time and money in a suit, don’t squander your time at the store by having to find a shirt and shoes before you try on the suits.

2. Skimping on tailoring
Tailoring is part of buying a suit. The cost of alterations can cause sticker-shock to the ready-to-wear department-store buyer. Be prepared to include tailoring as part of the cost a well-tailored suit.

3. Following the latest trend
Suits are a costly investment meant to be worn for important occassions, or to give a professional image over many years. What is in fashion now will look dated in a few years, so the money spent on trendy suits will look silly in a few years.

4. Buying suits a size too big
Looking like you’r wearing a burlap sack doesn’t impress anyone in the right way. A well-tailored suit tells the people you are meeting, they are important enough that you took the time to prepare in a professional manner and they will take your presentation more seriously.

5. Being in a rush
Custom-made suits take months to be created. Don’t expect to walk out of the store of the store looking perfect after only ten minutes of shopping. Unless you have a lot of experience in buying suits, finding the right one for the occassional buyer takes time and effort.

Buy 1 Suit, Get 2 Free

one-day sale
Buy 1, get 2 free

During Macy’s biggest One-Day Sale of the season, buy one men’s Izod or Kenneth Cole Reaction suit at regular price ($300 – $395), and get two more free! Sale includes Izod tuxedos.

Or buy one suit or tuxedo for only $149.99.

Offer is good only on June 18 and 19, 2010 at the Macy’s mens store.

Other specials are

  • Van Heusen dress shirts $16.99
  • Tommy Hilfiger dress shirts $27.99
  • Eagle dress shirts $27.99
  • DKNY dress shirts $27.99
  • Andrew Fezza or Club Room sport coats $59.99

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