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Aventura Beauty Directory

Aventura offers a wide selection of delicious salons and day spas.

Look extra-beautiful for that important appointment or engagement.

Pamper yourself with that special treatment after a stressful week.

From a quick touch-up to a complete all-day experience, one of the following salons or spas will make your day or evening special.

Angel’s Touch Beauty & Spa, 2780 NE 183rd St, 305-932-3819
American Laser Centers, 2875 NE 191st St, 866-839-4465
Aventura Laser & Electrolysis Spa, 21414 W. Dixie Hwy, 305-792-9008
Aventura Nails, 2962 Aventura Blvd, 305-936-0553
Blondio Hair, 2790 NE 187th St, 305-931-7288
Brant B, 18121 Biscayne Blvd, 305-935-4247
Cocos Day Spa & Salon, Aventura Mall, 305-931-1411
Cut N Play, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-932-1947
Danny Mizrachi Day Spa & Salon, 3011 Aventura Blvd, 305-933-3341
De La Lastra Intl Salon Spa, Waterways Shoppes, 305-935-0048
Ecstasy Hair Design, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-932-1722
Eina’s Beauty Salon, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-931-7950
En Vogue, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-931-9550
Enia’s Beauty Salon, 2751 NE 183rd St, 305-931-7950
European Wax Center, 3023 Aventura Blvd, 305-933-3391
Euphoria Laser Hair Removal and Salon, 18851 NE 29th Ave, 786-306-7987
Evans Studio, 19040 NE 29th Ave, 305-931-1714
Hair Cuttery, Aventura Town Plaza, 305-936-8749
Hair Network, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-931-9454
Hair Sensations, Aventura Mall, 305-933-1050
Heavenly Style Beauty Unisex, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-627-9991
Le Salon, Waterways Shoppes, 305-933-9898
Luna Hair Studio, 19019 Biscayne Blvd, 305-935-8897
Magic Tan, 20335 Biscayne Blvd, 305-935-8008
JC Penney Hair Salon, Aventura Mall, 305-937-0046
Magique Hair Salon, Biscayne Harbour Shops, 305-935-4247
Maria Chuy Hair Salon, Promenade Shops, 305-933-1968
Nelson’s of Aventura, 3011 Aventura Blvd, 305-933-3341
New Creations, Biscayne Harbour Shops, 305-936-1300
Nu Du, 2751 NE 183rd St, 305-931-3443
Panacea Skin & Body Spa, Promenade Shops, 305-931-3443
Panagos, 20945 NE 37th Ct, 305-931-7928
Parthenon Salon Studios, 18851 NE 29th Ave, 305-935-0008
Regis Salon, Aventura Mall, 305-931-3123
Richard & Co., 5500 Island Blvd, 305-937-7815
Rive Gauche Salon & Spa, 17931 Biscayne Blvd, 305-933-1010
Salon 2000, 20632 Biscayne Blvd, 305-932-2037
Salon at Del Prado & Spa, 18031 Biscayne Blvd, 305-931-3415
Salon at Turnberry Isle, 19999 West Country Club Dr, 305-933-1100
Salone Di Villa Grande, 20105 NE 38th Ct, 305-935-6801
Shai Salon Intl, Loehmannn’s Fashion Island, 305-792-7776
Supercuts, Promenade Shops, 305-935-8844
Waterways Health & Beauty, Waterway Shoppes, 305-933-3550

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