Lubiam Collection At Macy’s

Lubiam 130’s and 110’s wool suits exclusive in the Aventura Mall at the Macy’s men’s store

Sophisticated Lubiam StyleThe History of Lubiam

Since 1911, the Lubiam label has signified an award-winning tradition of cutting-edge style and design.

Founded by Master Tailor Luigi Bianchi, Lubiam has remained a family-run operation for three generations of Bianchi’s,  located in the Renaissance city of Mantova, Italy.

Lubiam was the first Italian clothing factory equipped with an assembly line.

The Lubiam label has remained a constant in the fashion industry due in part to the innovative designs and its highly technological machinery.

Rooted deeply in the tradition of Italian fashion, the name Lubiam is synonymous with Italian luxury, quality and elegance.

Available only at Macy’s Aventura, the  Lubiam suit collection offers discriminating shoppers super 130’s to super 110’s wool suits  tailored with Italian craftsmanship at unparalleled prices.

Compare Macy’s Aventura selection of Lubiam, Hugo Boss, Ellie Tahari, Hart Schaffter & Marx suits, to the any other fine-crafted suits and you will discover a new world of luxury at affordable prices.